A Bit About US


Joki Photography isn’t about those little moments you capture in the privacy of your home with your smart phone.  Nor is about your vacation photos shot with your pocket camera in exotic locations.  Rather, we’re about creating heirloom quality images that showcase your family in the place where they live and experience life.

In these modern times we get decent images from our smart phones and compact cameras.  Anyone can click a shutter button and capture a smile.  The reason you hire a photographer like Andrea Joki is to get the images that you cannot get with a phone or small camera:  breathtaking photos with depth, beauty, and complete focus on you and your loved ones.  No random junk, clutter, or messes in the background.  A perfect portrait to showcases through generations and proudly be shared among friends and family.


The hallmark of a Joki Photography image is a touch of magic – a view into the surreality that surrounds our every day lives.  It’s something you can’t capture with portable camera but instead requires more than the click of a shutter: it’s the little things such as how the light falls on the subject, how the environment highlights rather than competes/distracts, and more than just a bit of understanding of the uniqueness of every single person on the planet.  It’s never going to be about inane smiles and the same copied poses.  It’s always about the quiet thoughtfulness of an intelligent gleam in the eyes and a stray glance at the horizon.  It’s about capturing the beauty of right now, right here, and this person who will change with each passing day.



A big advantage of being a photographer in the digital age is to be able to offer you full resolution digital originals instead of prints.  This allows you to make as many prints, in any way you want, without having to go through the photographer every time you want to gift an image to relatives or simply obtain a different size.  It also means you can email or share digitally as much as you want! Whether you want a mug, a canvas gallery wrap, or even a beautiful acrylic framed print – or just something to put up on Facebook – it’s up to you when and where you use your images.  There are no other charges down the line and you don’t have to worry about the photographer going out of business and no longer being able to obtain prints from them.  Full recommendations on where/how to get prints in your area are provided with the full resolution images.




So how does a session with Joki Photography work?  It’s simple!  A deposit of $25 or 25e holds your date and is applied toward the package you choose when the session is done. Rainy days can easily be rescheduled and each session lasts about one hour.  Once the session is done, a proof sheet is sent to you via email or download.  You choose which images you would like – how many you want is up to you and based on the package you choose. Then images are available for download or mailed on a data disk to you.  The time from session to images is typically 7-14 days, depending on busy season.